Rhino Tuff DEF System - Maple Grove, MN

With the expansion of the DEF market our Agency found the best storage solutions from portable, closed systems like Rhino Tuff's 120 Gallon DEF package to a Xerxes underground fiberglass tank for higher volume Truck Stops. OmegaFlex DEF piping and DEF pumps from Graco make transferring DEF reliable and easy.

Bluediver Product Collage


DEF submersible pumps.

Cim-tek Product Collage


Complete line of filters specifically for the petroleum industry.

Graco Product Collage


Reliable Fluid Delivery Equipment. From bulk fluid pumping to precise dispense, Graco's got you covered.

OmegaFelx DEF-Trac Product Collage


DEF-Trac is flexible piping manufactured to meet the needs of the DEF supply industry. Available with or without heat tracing.

Rhino Tuff Above Ground Tanks Product Collage

Rhino Tuff Above Ground Tanks

Stackable poly tanks for synthetic oils, hydraulic and transmission fluids, chemicals, water and many other applications.

Universal Valve Product Collage

Universal Valve

Universal Valve's DEF remote fill and manhole.

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A Xerxes fiberglass underground storage tank is an ideal choice for facilities where bulk storage of DEF is necessary. Underground storage offers greater capacity than most aboveground options.