Titletown Oil Corp. - Green Bay, WI

Whether your customer is building a new Convenience Store, Fleet Fueling Facility or needs the best solutions for retrofitting or upgrading their existing locations, Walsh Long is here to navigate compliance and regulatory issues helping you provide the best possible products and service to your customers.

Bravo Product Collage

Bravo Systems

Dispenser sumps, tank sumps, transition sumps, DEF containment sumps, fiberglass entry fittings and dispenser conversion frames.

OmegaFlex Product Collage


Double Containment Piping for Diesel, Gasoline, Biofuels and DEF. Easy Installation. Zero Permeation.

Federal Process (Gasoila) Product Collage

FedPro Brands

Full line of pipe thread sealants, water-finding pastes, lubricants and cleaners.

Hunter Pump Island Product Collage

Hunter Pump Island

Pump Island Protectors that eliminate the cost of repairs and annual painting associated with traditional gas pump islands.

Irpco Product Collage


UL Listed Fuel-Flow curb pump hose assemblies for service stations. Hoses for farms, marinas, fuel oil, LPG, aircraft fueling, tank trucks, air and water, hydraulic hose and connectors.

LSI-Petroleum Product Collage

LSI - Petroleum

Complete Lighting Solutions for the Petroleum and C-Store Market.

Performance Ink Product Collage

Performance Ink

Supplying custom built and stocked overlays, keypads, membrane switches and other products for the Petroleum industry.

Phillips Fuel Systems Product Collage

Phillips Fuel Systems

Fuel Management Systems for Standby Fuel Applications serving mission critical infrastructure in the industrial and commercial markets.

Pneumercator Product Collage


Liquid Level Control Systems

RCI Technologies Product Collage

RCI Technologies

RCI Offers Fuel Cleaning Solutions including Fuel Recirculating Systems and Portable Fuel Polishing Units

SmartFill Product Collage


America's most advanced fuel management system for fuel accountability and fuel theft prevention brought to you by Fluid Management Technology.

Square D Product Collage

Square D

Dispenser management, electrical distribution, lighting managers and surge protection equipment.

Universal Valve Product Collage

Universal Valve

Manholes, pipe guards, island forms, spill containers, valves and fittings.

Xerxes Product Collage


Xerxes underground fiberglass storage tanks in single wall, double wall and multi-compartment for use in petroleum, water, wastewater, septic and oil/water separators applications.